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Version from 21 July 2023


Terms and Conditions – Hotel Sans Souci Management GmbH Scope


  1. These terms and conditions apply to services provided by Hotel Sans Souci Management GmbH to hotel guests, event organisers and other contracting partners. Such services in particular comprise the provision of accommodation in return for payment, the hiring of rooms for seminars, conferences and other events, etc., the sale of food and beverages, and all other associated services provided by the hotel.
  2. Contracting partners undertake to comply with these terms and conditions and with all commercial and other regulations.
  3. For all matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry 2006 as amended shall also apply.


Conclusion of contract, prices, general provisions

  1. All reservations, modifications and cancellations must be made in
  2. All prices must be stated in Euros (€). Unless otherwise stipulated, prices shall be inclusive of all taxes and duties and shall be valid until rescinded. Please refer to the quotes in question. Any price changes required as a result of taxes and levies shall be borne by contracting New government levies shall be incorporated into contract prices.
  3. The hotel shall be entitled to provide accommodation in a hotel of equivalent
  4. Cancellation conditions can be found in the booking agreement or the confirmation provided by the hotel.
  5. The hotel’s liability for valuables left in rooms by hotel guests, such as pictures or cash, shall be limited to the maximum sum insured under its liability Valuables shall not include items for personal use that address material and cultural needs, even though these may be of high value (e.g. cameras, video recorders, CD players, fur coats etc.). Such items shall not be replaced by the hotel.
  6. Items left in rooms and exceeding EUR 00 in value shall only be forwarded to contracting partners at the request, risk and expense of such contracting partners and at the latest 14 days after their use of the hotel. Thereafter, depending on whether such items are of identifiable value, they will be passed to the lost property office or disposed of.
  7. Internet access is free throughout the hotel and in the events area. The non-functioning or failure of connections shall not constitute grounds for a reduction in the bill and the hotel accepts no liability for this.
  8. Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas of the hotel



  1. Rooms and spaces in the hotel shall be made available in accordance with booking conditions. Contracting partners shall notify the hotel of any defects when the object of the contract is handed over to them; failure to do so shall constitute a waiver of the right to submit a complaint about such defects. Minor technical irregularities or deviations in colour shades (resulting from decoration ) shall not be deemed defects. Changes in or to property, technical equipment, facilities and furniture may only be made with the written consent of the hotel and at the expense of contracting partners.
  2. Contracting partners are required to inform the hotel if they intend to install decorative materials or any other items and to obtain the hotel’s permission for such installation. Event rooms must not be damaged in any Installation must be carried out by qualified personnel. Fire regulations and all other relevant regulations must be complied with. Any costs associated with the set-up or dismantling of event rooms shall be borne by contracting partners.
  3. The hotel reserves the right to change rooms in line with its interests, to the extent that this is acceptable to contracting partners.
  4. The hotel accepts no liability for technical faults, in particular with regard to WiFi connection, interruptions to or faults in the energy supply (electricity, water, ) or operational malfunctions of any kind.
  5. Official regulatory bodies, representatives of the authorities and employees or representatives of the hotel shall be granted access to the rooms and areas covered by the contract at any
  6. If events require technical work by external companies, the costs of such work shall be charged to contracting partners. External companies may only work at the hotel or make modifications to hotel property with the hotel’s permission.
  7. The facilities for, and the delivery of, events or activities that are the subject of the contract must be in keeping with the quality and reputation of the Any set-up or dismantling work undertaken by contracting partners, and the event itself, must not disturb other events in the hotel (through volume, etc.).
  8. All advertising activity on the part of contracting partners must be approved in writing by the hotel, in particular posters, programmes etc. Only event titles (names) approved by the hotel may be used to publicise The use of the hotel name or logo for media, printed matter or similar advertising is only permitted with the prior written consent of the hotel. If the hotel is not informed of such usage, it shall be entitled to cancel the event.
  9. Machines and equipment brought into the hotel and/or operated there by organisers must comply with the relevant Austrian regulations and be safe to Confirmation of this must be presented to the hotel upon request. The hotel shall be entitled, but not required, to arrange for this to be checked by experts at organisers’ expense and / or, in the event of any doubt, to render devices inoperable or demand their immediate removal or where necessary to carry out such removal itself at contracting partners’ expense; this also applies to other items.
  10. Contracting partners are required to obtain all necessary and mandatory permits and authorisations at their own expense and to submit them to the hotel no later than 14 working days prior to the start of any event. Contracting partners shall indemnify and hold the hotel harmless with regard to all damages, in particular fines / administrative penalties resulting from non-compliance with commercial law and all other regulations, in particular non-payment of
  11. The hotel must be notified in advance of all deliveries being made or sent to the hotel by contracting partners or third parties. The hotel reserves the right to determine the time of delivery and to refuse packages that are inadequately labelled or subject to customs duties. Deliveries will be stored free of charge prior to events. The hotel accepts no liability for the completeness of deliveries or for any damage to them.
  12. Contracting partners must obtain the express permission of the hotel before bringing food, beverages or other goods onto the Any costs arising (corkage, use of crockery, waste disposal) will be invoiced for by the hotel.
  13. Contracting partners or their authorised representative shall ensure that they or their authorised representatives are present throughout their usage of event rooms.
  14. If the presence of hotel staff is required throughout the event, the hotel will charge the appropriate hourly rate per staff member per hour or part hour, depending on the time of day or
  15. Contracting partners shall bear the risk of events they organise, including preparation, set- up, the events themselves and dismantling. Contracting partners shall be liable for all damage, including consequential damage and loss, caused by themselves, their employees, their agents (subcontractors), their authorised representatives or their visitors and guests. This applies in particular to damage to the building and inventory resulting from events, the bringing in of items, assembly and dismantling work and all consequences of exceeding the agreed maximum number of Where necessary the hotel will require organisers to take out the appropriate insurance.
  16. The hotel accepts no liability for accidents at
  17. The hotel shall not be liable for items lost by contracting partners or their employees, agents, visitors or guests during or in connection with events, or stolen from the Organisers must take out their own insurance (e.g. against theft, burglary and fire). Contracting partners may hand over valuable items, luggage or money to the hotel for storage in the assigned rooms or in the safe; in the event of such storage the hotel’s liability shall be limited to the maximum sum provided for under the hotel’s liability insurance.
  18. No liability shall be accepted for valuables that have not been given into the safekeeping of the Organisers shall provide sufficient insurance cover for any valuables they bring onto the premises.
  19. Contracting partners’ own general terms and conditions shall not apply, even where the hotel has not expressly objected to Confirmations to the contrary by the contracting party with reference to its general terms and conditions are hereby expressly objected to.
  20. Any claims against the hotel on the part of contracting partners must be asserted in writing within six months of the end of the event, otherwise they shall be deemed to have expired.
  21. At the latest upon conclusion of the contract, clients are required to inform the hotel without being prompted if the political or religious nature of the event or any other aspect of it is likely to jeopardise the smooth running of the business, the safety or the reputation of Hotel Sans Souci Management GmbH.
  22. The specific nature of accommodation services makes it essential to store and pass on guests’ personal data. Clients agree to make available guests’ personal data and company data as necessary to enable the agreed services to be provided and accept that such personal data will be passed on to the following recipients to ensure the proper deliver of the services ordered: Booking platforms for tourism services


Providers of tourism and other services

Public authorities and banks, for the purposes of registration, tax and other legal requirements If personal data are passed on not by the data subjects themselves but by other representatives of clients, clients undertake to inform such data subjects of the disclosure of the data to the hotel and of the transmission of the data by the hotel to the categories of recipient described above. The hotel will treat such data as confidential in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations and will only pass it on to third parties where this is necessary for the provision of agency services or where it is required to be passed on under legal guidelines. A detailed description of shared rights and responsibilities, along with details of the contact persons for data protection questions can be found in the privacy policy at https://www.sanssouci-


Withdrawal / termination

  1. Without prejudice to its entitlement to claim payment, the hotel reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time and without giving reasons, if
    1. contracting partners fail to make a payment that is due, despite having been granted a grace period of 7 days,
    2. insolvency proceedings have been issued with regard to the assets of a contracting partner,
    3. the smooth running of the business or the safety of the hotel is jeopardised by a contracting partner,
    4. the necessary official permits have not been provided or the event has been prohibited by the authorities,
    5. the contract cannot be fulfilled for reasons of force majeure, such as a strike or other circumstances outside of the hotel’s control.
    6. misleading or false information is presented or facts are concealed that are material to the contract when events are booked; facts material to the contract include the identity of the client, their ability to pay and the purpose of the event.
    7. Hotel Sans Souci Management GmbH has reasonable grounds for believing that the event may jeopardise the smooth running of the business, the safety or the public reputation of Hotel Sans Souci Wien, without this being within the sphere of control or organisation of Hotel Sans Souci Wien;
    8. the purpose of or reason for the event is In the event that Hotel Sans Souci Vienna withdraws from the contract for one or more of the aforementioned reasons, the client shall be obliged to pay damages including any loss of profit.


Place of performance and payment, jurisdiction, severability

  1. The place of performance and payment is The contract is governed by Austrian law. The place of jurisdiction is Innere Stadt, Vienna.
  2. Any transfer of rights arising from a contractual relationship between contracting partners and the hotel, whether in return for payment or not, shall require the express written consent of the hotel.
  3. In order to be valid, amendments must be made in
  4. The term “events” shall only apply to contracts with persons who are not consumers within the meaning of Section 1 of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act (KSchG).
  5. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be deemed ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The hotel and the contracting partner shall immediately replace the invalid provisions with valid provisions that come as close as possible to their intended purpose and commercial impact.

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